Our Associates


 Our Associates are utilized for possessing a set of skills and expertise in a related area of the field of special education. Associates may possess a diploma in Child and Youth Worker, Autism Intervener or related degree/ diploma. They may be contracted with a degree in an unrelated field if they have specialized training and work experience.

Our Associates may provide daily behaviour charts, if requested, that provide details of their observation of the client(s).
In many instances this allows the Associate to identify patterns of behavior and therefore recommend appropriate strategies to curb that behavior or to eliminate it all together.  Records may also provide pre-warning for when a child may be going into behavioral crisis and appropriate steps may then be taken to avert the crisis all together.

Associates must maintain current status of Non-Violent Crisis Prevention Intervention Training and posses a criminal reference check that includes vulnerable sector screening.

Associates provide individualized support for students diagnosed with:

    - Autism
    - Behavioral  Disorders
    - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
    - Mental Health Disorders
    - Developmental Exceptionalities
    - Acquired Brain Injury