“The agency (Beyond Support Services) has provided a high quality professional approach to our special needs and at risk students with safety concerns. The associates have demonstrated consistency in attendance, administrative and professional practice, working in a collegial manner with school staff and community.”  

-Educational Coordinator

 My 19 year-old son has autism, daily seizures, a severe auditory processing disorder, a global developmental disability and distinctive behavioral challenges. With this complex mix of special needs and a very difficult family situation, one of my greatest challenges has been finding and maintaining the expert and intense support that my son needs. Over the years, I have accessed respite workers from many different sources and I have found that those provided by Beyond Support Services have been unsurpassed in training, commitment, reliability and in their ability to build a solid and caring working relationship with my son. Their flexibility and innovation in finding solutions to meeting my son's needs has been unique. They have worked in concert with his school, his weekday residential program and his summer day camp program, filling gaps and providing the constant one-on-one support and supervision that my son needs to not only be safe, but to thrive at home, at school and in the community. Beyond Support Services has been a godsend for my son, myself and my family!”

-Ms. Joanne J., Mother